The best of both worlds combined under one roof

Both new projects and old ones has some advantages. We are combining both under one roof. Speed and transparency of cryptocurrencies with stability and reliablity of Exchange traded instruments - you can have both. You can now access entirely new markets, tru familiar a reliable plateform. If you want more from your money.

Cryptocurrency stored right

We partner with the biggest cryptocurrency Exchanges in the world, to provide first class services to our clients. Majority of clients cryptocurrencies are stored in cold wallets and using world class security solutions based on smart contracts - the most secure solution to date. Taking the security of your funds to the next level.

Your gateway to Web3 and currencies of the future.

With the growth of Metaverse and the increasing number of countries that recognize Bitcoin as official currency, cryptocurrencies are also growing. Find out which ones are the most profitable.

Lightning Speeds

Are you tired of your transactions to and from trading account taking ages? Cryptocurrencies are the solution. Depending on currency of your transfer, it can be as fast as 20 seconds to send ERC20 token, or as fast as 10 minutes to send Bitcoin.